We’re so happy to introduce you to a new line of our own products, which fall under a moniker, which we like to call Goods Sportswear. These are items are heavily inspired by the sports and collegewear from the 1940´and 50´s, but re-thinked and shaped in a way that makes them wearable for 2022 and beyond… 

And like with everything we do, we like to take our time and tinker about to get things just right, before introducing them to you. Sourcing and developing the right dry touch cotton jersey fabric (with just the right weight as well) for the sweat, crew, hoody and track pants has taken some time, but we got there, and now these are all exactly how we wanted them to be.

All products in the Goods Sportswear Collection can be mixed with everything in your wardrobe, as they are NOT intented to be exclusively utilised for sports or home/loungewear… so tuck that Goods Sportswear hoody into your trousers, strap on your belt, put on a pair of leather shoes, a woollen coat and get out the door and meet your friends for a beer

Oh and we will be introducing more products from this range in the coming months…. We very much hope you like what you see...

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