Collection: Auralee

During one of many inspiration trips to foreign countries, Kasper & Mark came across Auralee on their visit to Tokyo and Kyoto in early spring of 2019. They both agreed that AURALEE had a hold on something close to extraordinary as well as the brand philosophy to fit perfectly into the concept and mould of GOODS. A few months later, they met up with the lovely people from Auralee during Paris Fashion Week, and thus, it makes us so happy to introduce Auralee to you, as a part of our well curated assortment of garments at GOODS.
Founded in 2015 by Mr Ryota Iwai, Tokyo-based fashion label Auralee’s garments are produced entirely in Japan from premium fabrics, carefully selected from all over the world. Consisting of clean-lined silhouettes and sensible wearability, each of its collection makes everyday dressing effortless and an easy, yet highly stylish task. 
And so, without further ado, we’re extremely happy to be able to introduce you to the new brand of the season. We hope you will take to it and enjoy it as much as we are.