Collection: Mackintosh

This brand is breathing tradition. With a procedure developed in the 19th century they still make their garments the same way today as in their rich history. All linings and pockets are glue fixed, while backing tape is placed on all seams. This handmade procedure ensures the products to be fully waterproof. All of Mackintosh’ rubberised products are made utilising this method and there-fore they can only make a limited number of coats per day. All Mackintosh outerwear is made in Britain and carries tradition and stylish design as an implicit ingredient in all of its products. Today Mackintosh have established themselves as an exclusive brand, making some of the best high quality raincoats in the world. As well as the superb quality, the fit and design is in a class of its own. These coats are redefined classics, updated with both bold and classic colour combina-tions. If you want to get your hands on one of the most genuine pieces of outerwear a man can get on planet earth today, you need to get yourself a Mack. End of story.