Collection: Yuketen

Established in 1985, Yuketen is more than a brand; it is a testament to the timeless craft of artisans who infuse each creation with wisdom, skill, and experience that only the passage of years can bestow.

Every Yuketen piece is born from meticulous research and profound consideration, shaping a product that reflects a profound commitment to quality and artistic excellence. With the skilled and dedicated hands behind every stitch, each item becomes a canvas for their passion.

The selection of materials is a precise art, where components and raw materials are chosen with utmost care. From the buttery, supple oiled leathers, meticulously tanned in America, to the smooth and silky full-grain flesh-out leather and suede, lovingly crafted in Toscana, Italy, and the eco-conscious, vegetable-tanned leathers from Mexico, created using traditional methods and natural resources. These choices are instrumental in guaranteeing the longevity and unwavering durability of each Yuketen creation.

But it is the intangible elements that breathe life into a Yuketen product. Folds, creases, scuffs, and scratches, bearing the marks of hard-wearing, along with the imprints of fingerprints and footprints, not to mention the unique patina created by continuous contact with one's skin – these are the enduring rewards of devoted service in the line of duty.

Yuketen's pride is founded on the knowledge that their footwear and luggage ignite the envy of those with an adventurous spirit. The Yuketen experience transcends the ordinary; it encapsulates the essence of heritage and adventure, all meticulously crafted by seasoned hands and minds with a dedication to timeless quality.