Collection: De Bonne Facture

Déborah Sitbon Neuberg, creator of De Bonne Facture, draws inspiration from classic menswear staples such as Shetland wool jumpers, cotton poplin shirts, and oversized raincoats that exude meticulous attention to detail. She is fond of garments full of character and texture, deeming their visible age and wear marks as indications of their soul. De Bonne Facture was established to bridge the past with the present, crafting a timeless wardrobe of simple and durable pieces that foster individuality and connection with the hands that have crafted them.

« de bonne facture » is a French expression describing a way of doing things well. It is a word that can be used for a poem, a piece of furniture, a piece of clothing. It is a way of saying that designing is inseparable from manufacturing, and that a certain form of integrity can be respected in the way clothes are made today.