Collection: Berner Kühl

Frederik began his journey in the clothing business at the tender age of 19. As a longtime customer at Goods, Kasper offered him a job while he was studying. He spent 2 years with Goods before venturing out into the world. Since then, he has been working for different brands in production and design, as well as graduating with a Masters degree from Polimoda in Florence. Having learnt from the very best in the business, he felt ready to do something for himself.
Berner Kühl is not a brand of compromises. It is a brand which always strives to reach the best a product can possibly be. This includes sourcing the best Italian fabrics and treating these to the very highest of standards throughout the process of preparation, construction and finish.
This outlook and execution, coupled with a knack for being fanatic about trims, zippers and all other aspects of their garments, creates a 360 brand where all aspects of detail and quality have been nurtured and handled with care and attention. Theirs are products which are built and constructed to last not just for a season or two, but for years. Whilst twisting and tweaking classic menswear into something more contemporary, Berner Kühl's staple of menswear is a balancing act. Walking the line between fashion and the artisanal. This they do oh so well in our opinion.
Now a new journey begins between Goods and Frederik, and while he himself is not in the store anymore, his presence continues to be through his brand; Berner Kühl. As he says: “Without Goods there would be no Berner Kühl”. Thus we are very proud to carry this brand. And we cannot wait for you to see it too...