Collection: Stora Skuggan

As if finding great perfumes wasn’t a hard enough task as it is, at GOODS, we strive hard to find frangrances that are also packaged beautifully as well as keeping you smelling brilliantly. Keeping our eyes peeled on the visual aspect of a perfume is due to us wanting you to take pride in having them displayed in that most private sanctuary that is your bathroom. And thus, we feel quite safe when assuring you that Swedish brand Stora Skuggan - our newest supplier of exquisite perfumes - manages to more than deliver on the aspects of both content and appearance. Stora Skuggan’s perfumes are hand made in Stockholm, Sweden, and every product emulates small wondrous pieces of art. We are so very proud to have them in our selection at GOODS as well as in our own bathrooms at home. We have a feeling that you will also soon be a Stora Skuggan fan… So come on down and check them out for yourselves.