Collection: GOODS

These products are our own personal favourites. They were created to match our ambitions when it comes to style and with the bar set at its very highest. We see Goods products as being more than competent at keeping their head high amongst our other in-store brands; both in terms of quality, fit, details and design. 

These garments are made for, designed by and sold exclusively in Goods. We’ve carefully selected the highest quality fabrics and materials and we have sourced the very best manufacturers, in order to produce a collection of menswear essentials, which we think are a must for any wardrobe that prides itself at being on point.

All the pieces are created with great attention to finish, fit and of course - value for money. These are timeless pieces that can easily blend into every man's wardrobe, can be worn to work, during down time or out on the town - depending on what you mix them up with and in what mood you find yourself in. Perhaps most importantly, however, these garments have all been created to withstand the test of time. We thus, invite you to have a look, try them on and will look forward to hearing any comments you might have on these; our carefully curated pet project within our larger passion that is the Goods brand.