GOODS in Monocle

Hard work does pay off! Goods is in the top 100 best shops list in the new Monocle publication - The Monocle Guide to Shops Kiosks and Markets.

And first off we would like thank you for your continuous and loyal support, it is very much appreciated!

This top 100 ranking is overall categories of retail which makes it even more impressive to be in the top 100 (which by the way only holds 12 menswear only stores). We couldn’t be happier with this recognition, especially since it comes from Monocle - a magazine known for quality and not for compromise and incidentally also one which has covered retail intensely throughout the past decade. Monocle sees retail as a whole, and so this feels like getting a Michelin star!  

Like many other Monocle publications, The Monocle Guide to Shops Kiosks and Markets is available both in-store and online.

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