Introducing Salle Privée

Creative people inspire us. We’re always up for hearing a great story about how something came to be. How one person's idea developed into a magazine, a building or a brand. One such tale is the one behind Salle Privée, founded by Dutch business veteran Patrick Munsters. We asked him a few questions. See what he had to say below.


So, could you start by telling us a little about who you are and how you arrived at this juncture in your life? Designing and creating Salle Privée?

As a designer, I spent over twenty-five years passionately working for the fast-paced fashion industry. I designed countless collections to satisfy the never-ending demand for new trends.

Yet my own wardrobe never seemed to change. Over the years, I found myself collecting and wearing the same timeless and iconic pieces, that never go out of season or style. What these items have in common is their high quality and great fit, and their limited range of colours: Everything is dark blue, black, white, grey and brown.

But I spent a lot of time searching and looking at many different brands in order to find the perfect shirt, the perfect chinos, the perfect coat, and, then, once you find them, it’s virtually impossible to find the exact same piece again - once a few years have passed. I realised that I was not the only man facing these problems, and saw an opportunity to launch a brand that aims at solving them.

What things were you seeing in the world of menswear, which made the niche of Salle Privée relevant and a necessity?

For me, it really was the lack of repeatedly finding perfect timeless garments season after season. And having that one place or brand to go to, that would sell contemporary and timeless garments of a high quality all year round. Men are often loyal to a brand, but it is hard to find a brand that in return stays loyal to their customer in a way…

Thus, the concept has come about to create a brand, where those kinds of timeless investment pieces are always available. For men that don’t change their wardrobe according to trends or don’t like to spend time searching for similar styles over and over again.  Because the modern man travels the world today, so if he knows where to go for something specific, he will, and also because you can serve the world market online.

What is your thinking on how good menswear should present itself?  

Good menswear should be defined by quality. I believe that high quality clothing can compliment and strengthen one’s personality.. And often the less pronounced or outspoken someone’s style is that contributes even more... statement. I do the opposite with Salle Privée – the clothing is less outspoken, yet the environment gives character. 

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Really everywhere …..

How do you see the long-term ambitions for the brand?

I would like to create a luxury lifestyle brand that is represented on- and offline in all of the metropolitan cities in the world.

Why do you think Salle Privée and Goods are such a good match?

What we have in common is being in and believing in the contemporary – the clientele of Goods represents the modern man; a man who is sensitive to high quality and insensitive to crazy fashion trends. I also believe that you can find the minimalism aesthetics of Denmark resembled in the collection of Salle Privée.

"I would like to create a luxury lifestyle brand that is represented on- and offline in all of the metropolitan cities in the world."

What things are essential to keep you motivated - both in your worklife and outside of work?

Positive energy, respect, curiosity, constantly seeking and being open to new opportunities..  And believing that everything is possible!

What is your favourite current occupation for passing the time at the moment? 


Is there something you'd like to tell us about Salle Privée which you haven't told anyone else? 

That the collection can get only better.

We won’t change the collection but we do strive to continuously improve all of our garments – I’ve set very high expectations and standards and will keep searching for ways to improve even more.

Would you like to recommend something?

Don’t limit yourself.. everything is possible.

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