Salle Privée

Salle Privée, they are not only a newcomer to Goods, but to the world of menswear in general. But before the choir of hype starts ringing out, we ask you to hold your horses and bear with us, and rest easy, as the team behind Salle Privée in no way shape or form are rookies or new to the business of menswear. They're seasoned pros looking to create something special; a collection, which we are proud to now share with you. Salle Privée produces classic luxury menswear; everything is made in the their own factory in Italy. And theirs is an on going collection, meaning one that's available all year around. Their products are - like every other product at Goods - items that need to be touched and of course tried on. And it makes us very proud to be among a limited list of retailers stocking Salle Privée. And thus invite you to come down and try on their brilliant garments and see for yourself what we are raving about.