Meet our friends Tobias and Oliver Enné the host of the popular podcast Programmet om Ingenting.

Tobias is also head of creative and digital at Primetime and has been a Goods patron since the shop’s early beginnings. Oliver is the owner of production company Verdens Bedste Nogensinde and a creative consultant for Virtue Worldwide. Besides hosting the podcast, his short film series Ritualer will premiere at Statens Museum for Kunst this Spring. You can check him out on Twitter and Instagram.

They were both born and raised in the Østerbro neighbourhood of Copenhagen and without further ado heres our talk:

"I just like nice things that look cool and effortless. At the moment that’s New Balance 998’s, Gitman Vintage oxford shirts, Aspesi overshirts and some kind of Japanese coat."

What’s your favourite occupation at the moment?

Tobias: I recently got back into running, so a nice run in the morning is probably my favourite occupation at the time. That and meditation keeps my going through winter.  

Oliver: So many favourites. Trying out new coffee spots, planning my next vacation, shopping for back issues of Apartamento Magazine on eBay, going to the gym. During the winter, I try stay as focused as possible. I just put all my energy into working and working out.

What’s the most important task in your life and in your work?

T: To work hard and be nice to people. I like the quote from Gustave Flaubert that goes: Be regular and orderly in your life so that you may be violent and original in your work.’ That's how I try to live my life.

O: Having fun. I’ve been lucky enough to do a lot of fun stuff labeled as work. If anything, I’d say that my most important task is to have an informed opinion on pretty much anything.

We like your podcast! How come you started doing that?

T: Thanks! The concept came to us while getting drunk at Tobias Kippenberger's (co-host and sound engineer on the podcast) 30th birthday party. We both love Seinfeld which is essentially a 'show about nothing', so that's where it all started. Also, we both enjoy meeting talkative people with interesting lives.

O: For me, it was really about doing something new. I had recently stepped out of Apropos Magazine (RIP), but I still wanted to interview interesting people. I figured this would be a fun way to do it with very little editing. What you hear is pretty much the entire conversation. I like that.

Where do you guys find inspiration and how do pick who to guest the pod?

T: We try to get people on the show who we have a gut feeling will 'get it'. Who will understand our schtick and preferably forget that we're doing an interview. We always have guests on the pod, but the secret is that the show is really about the connection between Oliver, Tobias and I - not the guests.  

O: Agreed. I’ve always liked being in good company. I think we’ve managed to attract great guests because they see who else we’ve had on. Some of our very first guest were radio personality Esben Bjerre and musician Hans Philip who are both personal friends of mine. From then on, it’s been pretty easy getting a lot of great people on. You can like the show or not, but in my opinion, our list of guests is second to none.

What’s your take on clothing? Both of you have very specific ideas about what you want, how are you different from each other and do you have any favourite brands?

T: My take on clothing is that quality ages well. And then I love the idea of a uniform. Something you can put on almost every day without thinking too much about it. Clothes you can wear at the office, but also on weekends. Style legend Glen O'Brien once wrote, 'a nice outfit is a nice plain outfit'. I agree with that. I like looking clean and well put together, but I'm done with the overly formal menswear wave that ruled the internet a few years ago. I'm more casual today than three or four years ago. I love high quality clothes that are comfortable and easy to wear.  

And the difference in style between Oliver and I? Oliver is my biggest style influence, and I admire his creativity when it comes to clothes. He can pull of more eccentric looks than I can. I guess I like to dress more classically, while he is a bit more modern. Interestingly, we are slowly approaching each other with age.

O. Yeah. ‘A good plain look’ as Andy Warhol put it. I pretty much wear the same thing everyday. I’ve always admired guys like Tom Sachs and Andy Spade that are able to put together a great signature look. I just like nice things that look cool and effortless. At the moment that’s New Balance 998’s, Gitman Vintage oxford shirts, Aspesi overshirts and some kind of Japanese coat. I’ve sort of made it a point to get a high-end jacket from a Japanese brand every season. I’d say, that I have managed to build up a pretty half-decent collection of Orslow, TS(S) and Nanamica by now.

We’re obviously happy to have you as customers at Goods. What is it you think we do well at Goods?

T: And I'm happy to have you right around the corner! I've seen a fair few clothing stores in my day, but I've never known a store like Goods that consistently brings home clothes that fit my tastes so well. You always seem to bring home garments that feel and look great, and I love the balance you strike between formal and casual: Brands like Incotex, Aspesi, APC and your in-house brand Goods are among my staples. Your love for materials and that very tactile quality of clothing is very much 'my vibe'. You're also pleasant to talk to and give great advice, now that you ask.

O: I remember interviewing Glenn O’Brien in his apartment in New York a few years back. He said something along the lines of ‘guys don’t need a lot of choices, they need the right choices,’ which I think sums up Goods pretty good. You need a white shirt and a navy blazer? We’ve picked out the best one of each. I also like the selection of Drake’s. I was gifted a burgundy scarf for my 28th Birthday and I get compliments every time I wear it out. It makes me feel like a young Jørgen Leth.

"My take on clothing is that quality ages well. And then I love the idea of a uniform."

Lastly, would you like to recommend something?

T: Delete the Facebook app from your phone. You'll thank me later. Oh, and drink more water.

Photos by Tobias Selnæs Markussen

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