Content is a new feature on our web site. The content feature helps us relay the difficult task of showing everyone what the Goods ethos is all about, if you haven´t had the pleasure of visiting our store in Copenhagen in person. The main influx and influence reflecting the store and vice versa is of course you – our loyal customers, so we decided to create a couple of portraits of some of them. The portraits tell the story of some of the talented and diverse people doing what they’re best at as well as telling the story of their everyday life, tuning into their influences and what they are inspired by and love. We will provide you with a Q & A series with some of the designers, founders and owners of the wide selection of brands we work closely with, as well as honing in on and relaying the thoughts and outlooks of some of our valued, inspired and local customers. You will also be able find recommendations with everything from food recipes to exhibitions, spots to see and things to do in Copenhagen, hand picked and curated by our Goods’ ambassadors – delivered directly to you.