Fischer’s is a cozy Italian inspired tavern and a hallmark on the bourgeoning Østerbro food scene, as well as a favourite with Copenhagen cuisine enthusiasts who are in the know.

Having spent years in Rome, Danish chef David Oliver Fischer decided to bring the cuisine of the Italian capital back to his hometown of Copenhagen. His idea has been to create an informal and in many ways essentially Danish restaurant - populated by the delicious aromas of Italy. The danish touch is showcased by both the pool table in the basement and the possibility of playing dice at your table, but the real draw is how Fischer's simultaneously offers all this coziness in atmosphere whilst serving his versions of the best food from the trattorias he frequented in Rome.

Fischer’s is a neighbourhood restaurant in the purest sense of the word, frequented mostly by locals but also tourists or foodies who've caught whiff of the wonderful pasta dishes and David's delightfully intriguing take on classic italian trattoria cuisine.

They serve breakfast as well, so we recommend stopping by in the morning for a sturdy Italian/Danish breakfast in the very heart of Østerbro, to kickstart your day in the best possible way."

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