The Classics

At GOODS, we pride ourselves on being a menswear shop and not a fashion store. Despite selling Brands which some would consider fashion brands, our approach is and has always been to see the products regardless of the brand and put them into a context which is classic, contemporary and uniquely our own.
And in these times of fast being central to every aspect of our lives, it’s nice for us to connect with products, which have proven themselves for being both longstanding and relevant for multiple seasons and in style year after year. We have all those products! And take great pride in having so many that fill out such versatile functions.
March can be tricky a month when it comes to purchasing clothes - especially in the Northern Europe. The weather does not allow us to wear the newest deliveries provided by our suppliers and thus we want to point your attention to all (and yes there are many) of the products we carry, that are not bound by any season and do not devaluate themselves for being out off trend or weather bound, but rather excel in their classic nature…
The Barbour Beaufort Waxed jacket in both navy and olive goes with everything and pop one of their Warm Pile Waistcoats under and it transcends several seasons. Especially here in Northern Europe where more and more we seem to be having variations on Autumn rather than massive seasonal changes. Japanese workwear and denim experts Orslow have a collection, which every season carries around 70% of the same products - why? You don’t change a winning formula and GOODS menswear products stay relevant for years. Thus, Orslow is a loved and trusted partner at GOODS as well as a favourite of yours.
French shoe maker Paraboot have been manufacturing shoes in France under the Paraboot name since 1927. In 1945, 2020s (and hopefully also 2021s) best selling model Michael saw the light of day, and so Paraboot have proven themselves as hard wearing, relevant and products which, with that little bit of care, bares a beautiful patina and looks amazing on your feet - year after year - season after season.
The Dahlman 1807 Architect Belt also known as the Saumur belt is an interesting and somewhat odd classic. It was made in the workshop at Fortunstræde since the 1940s and features the saumur hook closure - traditionally used for horse harnesses. "The Architect Belt" is known for its popularity amongst some of the great Danish architects of our time; such as Arne Jacobsen and Børge Mogensen, who sported the belt back in the 1950's and 60's. The belt was also used as a gift everytime they visited fellow architects around the world. The belt is part of the Danish Arts Foundation's collection of Danish Arts and Crafts and is now available at GOODS.
In 1935, Kichizo Yoshida, a hand-sewing craftsman, founded Yoshida co. Ltd. Since then, everything which came out of this company has been stamped with the “made in japan” seal. Even today, Porter continue to produce everything within the land of the rising sun. Nothing is outsourced and highly skilled craftsmen, who sew by stitch, create these bags, which represent the highest level of artisanal skill and quality. A large part of their collection is permanent and a good example of this is the bag pictured here, which is from the Tanker collection. Tanker is a collection which was first produced in 1983 and one which has since proven its value over for work and leisure over the last 40 years. These are products that do not need too much fuss or attention, they will follow you for ages and be your go to companion for almost every occasion. The age well and wear even better. So have a look online at the range of Porter items available to you through GOODS.
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