Meet Jeppe Christensen

Jeppe is a long time customer and supporter of Goods. He’s also a good friend of ours, and one whose creativity has spawned several collaborative projects with likeminded people and companies over the years. This time it looks like he’s really hit the nail on the head with the kitchen-design firm Reform which he founded two years ago. Having seen an impressive growth during the first couple of years the company, in which, the company has already collaborated with high profile architecture firms like BIG and Norm Architecture for their integrated designs. Read more about this treasured customer below, his ideas and thoughts on life, and where to go for a run if you find yourself in Østerbro.

Tell us a bit about yourself, your line of work and about Reform

I’m actually educated within the field of  economics and marketing, which I hold a Masters degree in, so much more to do with math than design for me really, but I’ve always been interested in design, especially furniture design, which is why - a couple of years ago - I took a basic class as a cabinet maker. Before I started Reform along with my partner Michael, I worked as a marketing manager and later as a business developer in a Danish company, while I was also a partner in a small design and manufacturing company called Furnish. Today I work as the CEO at Reform, where I take care of the daily operations and especially the creative part of the business, which is by far the most fun:-) Reform is a design company that wants to change the kitchen industry and the way we buy kitchens today. We collaborate with the best designers and architects to “hack” IKEA's cabinets. This combination makes it possible for our clients to get an affordable designer kitchen – and that’s our finest mission and the thought always at the forefront of our innovational approach and process.

What is your most important source of inspiration?

In general I find inspiration through inspiring people. I like to meet people who have a story to tell, it doesn’t have to be a story about climbing Mount Everest or a story about building a million dollar business though, for me, as long as people are passionate about their lives and what they do with and want to share their story, then I'm happy :-) 

What and who inspires the way you dress?

I don't know if I'm inspired by a specific thing or person, but I have always been drawn to the classic english style, with a classic desert boot and a Mackintosh jacket, combined with a more sporty casual look as seen on the Football terraces in England. I can actually be a bit schizophrenic in the way I dress - for instance - one day I can be really well dressed with a shirt and a nice jacket and the next day a cap and sneakers.   
What’s your favourite occupation at the moment?

Work and kissing:-) 

What’s your favourite place in Copenhagen?

I've always been drawn to the harbour at Nordhavn - I love the containers and the old industrial buildings - it arouses my curiosity and gets me thinking. And if you go far enough out, you come to the old and very small harbour, which has it's own life with small container houses and barracks - In the summer I always run all the way out to the harbour and then jump in the ocean. 
Would you like to recommend something?

Besides Goods :-), I would recommend Design museum Danmark, maybe go there on a Wednesday and stay until late and have dinner at Cafe Klint. Or go to one of my favourite places, the furniture designer Finn Juhl's actual home next to Ordrupgaard - There is a really special vibe in that place.
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