Q & A with Unimatic

We’ve had great response on our beautiful timepieces from watchmakers Unimatic. Lots of customers from all over the world have shown an interest in their designs and unique approach to expressing horology on the wrist, so we thought we’d let you guys meet the designers behind the brand.
Giovanni and Simone are both Product Design graduates from the Politecnico di Milano University. Here, they met while working together on a group assignment; they became friends and the rest, as they say - is history.

After university, their lives took them in different directions, as Giovanni stayed in Milan - working as both an in-house (for several venerable companies) and freelance product designer, while Simone moved to London to do freelance work in product- and graphic design.
Some years later however, they met up again and started talking about their shared passion for watches. And on the basis of one of these discussions, they decided to found Unimatic. First off, it was merely as a research project to see if it was possible to create a product, in which, they'd be able to embed their vision for watchmaking whilst simultaneously upholding their high standards of quality. Thus, they started small with just one item, the Modello Uno U1-A. All of their focus then went into the quality of this one watch and the execution of its design.

We asked Giovanni a few questions. See what he has to say below.

What sparked your interest in watches?

We are both long-time watch aficionados and avid collectors. This made it a very natural step for us to focus our energy on watchmaking as designers.

Why did you decide to take the plunge and start your own watchmaking company?

Watchdesign is a highly challenging topic in which form and function blends in very unique ways, especially when it comes to comparing it to any other product out there. So as a designer, you are dealing with a highly symbolic object with very precise technical restraints, and sometimes this leads to extravagant design choices and decorations, which is exactly what I wanted to avoid.
After finishing our first model, we thought we had a product which was both beautifully designed and felt had given us some good ideas to start with, we also felt confident that we could potentially obtain a very interesting quality and price level.

What’s your most important source of inspiration?

Gin & tonics, classic horology and any form of good design.

Do you see any relation between clothing design and watch design?

I'm sure there are many, even if I couldn't exactly name or even count them. We feel some affinity with certain categories and styles of clothing, if we were to produce clothing; these would be somehow classic, utilitarian and well-made - just like our watches.

Where do you guys see Unimatic in 5 years time?

We want to keep improving our approach to quality on every level of our operation whilst providing coherence as well as evolution to the current line-up as well as adding some new references, which we are currently studying.
We think our collector base can grow: and we in turn want to reward them by giving them the best money can buy, as we would like to continue having friends as customers. Or customers who are closer than customers - more like friends.

What’s your relation to Goods and Kasper?

We have been in touch with Kasper since the very beginning of our business venture, we are very grateful to him for believing in our project when it was still developing, and working with Goods makes us very happy.
We receive a lot of requests from all over the world to retail our products, but also on this aspect of the business, we are focused on quality and not quantity: Goods is a reference point of sale for us - a benchmark which we hold other retailers up to - if you like.

What’s your favourite place in Copenhagen (if you’ve been to Copenhagen and have a favourite spot)?

Goods, obviously :)
Besides this, I've been to Copenhagen a couple of times: it's a beautiful city, but my best memories are to do with the beautiful Danish girls, they belong - like Goods - at the very top of the world.

Do you want to recommend something? Could be anything.

Buy once. Buy good.
See our current selection of Unimatic watches here.
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