Luke Edward Hall for Gant

The notion of Ivy League style has and always be an important reference point of ours at GOODS. So when the iconic ivy league brand Gant, which is also steeped in heritage and tradition, approached us, we were curious. Gant, wanted to exclusively launch a small capsule collection, which they have done in conjunction with British artist Luke Edward Hall, who incidentally is someone we admire... And putting all of these parts together, it made their proposal hard to say no to…

The Luke Edward Hall for Gant collection fits organically into our permanent collection, this both in terms of both colours, fit and value for money. GOODS will be the exclusive retailer of this collection in Scandinavia. Naturally, the exclusivity means, that there are only a few pieces available in every style. The collection launches on the 5th of November and runs to the 21th of december.

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