Open conversation with Berner Kühl

In the beginning of October of 2020, we hosted an event - an open conversation with one of the newest brands in our selection: Berner Kühl. This is a brand we really love and one we share special story with as the founder and designer Frederik Berner Kühl is a close friend.
The event was of course heavily affected by Covid19, but nevertheless, we managed to execute it. Yes there were fewer people than intended but it was success for us and for the around 30 attendees who made it in.
After the conversation, we had quite a few requests to follow up on this event; to share the conversation with those of you who where not able to attend. And so, to honour this notion, we decided to re-do it and record it as a podcast. This time, founder and owner of GOODS Kasper Hostrup was added as a third guest - giving the conversation an added perspective. The host of the podcast is the newly appointed editor in chief of danish menswear magazine Euroman - Kristoffer Dahy Ernst.
We hope you’ll take the time to listen to the conversation and as with everything else, please let us know if you have any feedback good or bad - we greatly appreciate it as we always strive to do better.
Finally we urge you to follow the much needed changes Kristoffer and the team will making to the Euroman magazine! We have a feeling that great things are happening there.
Listen to the podcast here
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