Meet Ricardo Valenti

We do appreciate a true specialist. Someone who makes it their life's work to perfect that one thing that they’re passionate about, be it bags from Mismo, trousers from Incotex or shoes from Common Projects. We’d like to think that what we’re doing at Goods is a similar thing. Constantly tweaking and improving everything we do.

One of the true specialists that we work with is Anderson’s belt manufactorers. They’re a traditional family business who have been making belts in Parma, Italy for more than 50 years and have developed themselves from a local to a global brand, while still keeping all of their production in-house at their own factory. We sat down with CEO Ricardo Valenti to ask him a few questions about his day to day routines, his sources of inspiration and way of running the business. A business which makes great products that we at Goods thoroughly love; Enjoy!"

Can you describe your work process and routine at this moment?

My personal routine is very “military” and is based on rounds of 15 days. Usually out of 15 days I spend six days travelling to look after our foreign offices/operations and our agents/distributors, then I spend two days visiting our tanneries and mills and seven days here at the factory looking after production . When I’m in Parma, usually I start here at the factory at 07:00 am with email queries for the Far East and Oceania. Then at 08:00 am until 12:00 pm I’m in our production facility, then from 12:00 to 13:00 I answer emails/calls from Europe and from 13:00 to 17:00 I am again on the production line. Then from 17:00 to 18:00 we look at the figures and the production plan for the following day and then from 18:00 to 20:00 I work on emails and calls for the US and Canada. This is what I call a daily routine.

What is the best part of the job?

My routine is the best part of my job! I mean, we have the chance to deal every day with different people coming from different areas of the world, sharing opinions and values which brings a constant improvement. Also, looking after sales and production is very helpful to me as it forces me to deal with different issues at the same time. Our secret is that we are a Brand, a factory and also a product so… we move in different directions all at the same time.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I travel a lot around the world to see our offices, customers and agents and when I’m there I try to walk as much as possible - instead of using tubes, taxis or anything else. This is very important inspiration wise because through walking you always see things in a different light and under different angles that normally you wouldn’t appreciate. And this can happen anywhere.

You've said technology is a wonderful thing. How is it helping you to make a better product?

Technology is perfect because it gives you the opportunity to always focus on the next step. It’s difficult to explain but our job is manufacturing and manufacturing is based on improvements and developments. Technology means that the machine can do perfectly what you have already “learned and fixed” while you are focused on the next step that is the final touch made by hand which is the secret of every artisans, it’s not about which machine you use but it’s how do you use it and what you put in as an addition to this, which is your personal attitude.

What is your relation to Goods and Kasper?

Truly and honestly! Kasper has been our first! The first customer from Denmark to believe in Anderson’s as a global manufacturing Brand, which is true but not easy to fathom and something which we do not take for granted.

"The final touch made by hand which is the secret of every artisans, it’s not about which machine you use but it’s how do you use it and what you put in as an addition to this, which is your personal attitude."

Why is Goods and Anderson’s such a good partnership?

Goods has a very unique sense of aesthetics, which is based on the quality of the “goods” but seen through Danish eyes. It’s a unique combination of a Danish aesthetic mixed with Italian/European skills and sense of quality.

Is there something you would like to recommend? Could be anything!

Simple: Always look for the best and more than this look for what is “true”! Unfortunately, today there are so many fake brands/companies in the market that is so difficult for everyone to understand and decide who really “deserves” your money . It’s not a matter of budget, price or PR, it is more about who to support who is worth it, truly and honestly … always. It sounds simple but today in the fashion business it’s probably the most complicated thing to do.

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