Meet Thomas Lykke

Thomas Lykke is the creative director of strategic design studio OeO which he co-founded in 2003. He originally started out working in fashion, both in Copenhagen and San Fransisco before turning his head towards design. He has worked with some of the world’s most important brands for more than 15 years. During this tenure he served - amongst other positions - as interiors editor at Wallpaper Magazine - having been headhunted personally by Tyler Brûlé who now runs Monocle. He is a well dressed and well travelled man to boot.
What importance do you place on clothing in your day to day routine and life?

Clothing is something that I value and appreciate - to me it is about balancing comfort, style and personality.

What is your most important task in life and in your work?

My life and work is one - I love what I do for a living so to me I don’t really see it as work - more like a privilege to live out my passion in life.
My task is to make a difference to the world - I want to create concepts, experiences that last for generations to come - concepts with a coherent approach and strong reason for being!

You’re a frequent traveller, with many sojourns to Japan, what is it that specifically draws you there? 

Yes I do travel a lot and I am in Japan almost every second month. 
I have been drawn towards Japan since childhood - I just love the people and the culture. 
Japan has everything. It is really a place of opposites - it is complete balance like black and white, Ying and Yang, sophisticated and corny, beautiful and ugly, advanced and traditional, the future and the past - Japan is the culture of the big contrast.
And then the people are funny, lovely, respectful etc.. 

What is your relation to the GOODS store and Kasper?
Kasper, I have known for some years now since he opened his first small store in a basement in Østerbro. 
Kasper is a cool guy with integrity - I like that about him a lot. He follows his vision and his gut not whatever trend is going around at any given time. 
I am both a customer of GOODS and we also have a relationship as friends.

What’s important to you when you buy clothing?
I like when things are curated and bespoke - as in the sense of valuing quality and craftsmanship - to me it is not about trends but about personality and having the guts to stand out from the crowd!

What’s your favourite place in Copenhagen?
Østre Anlæg, Kastellet and then I love walking the streets of Copenhagen - watching the people and the old and also some of the “better” new architecture builds. As not all of them are improvements mind you, some are downright ugly.

Would you like to recommend something in Copenhagen?
Yes! -Indulge yourself with a visit to restaurant Kadeau at Christianshavn. It is a sublime dining experience.  
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