Meet Mitchell Dean

Having launched our new Goods site in December, we feel it's about time we introduced you to some of our customers, whom we think have made an impact on us in one way or the other and whom we think reflect what the Goods ethos is all about. Oh, and these are of course also all very interesting human beings! 'Nuff said!!

First up is Mitchell Dean, a very well dressed man indeed, a loyal customer of ours and university professor at Copenhagen Business School. We like his style, his outlook and his vibe very much and hope you agree!

Tell us about your self, your line of work and how you ended up in Copenhagen…

I’m a political sociologist and philosopher who is interested in power and governing. I’ve been coming to Copenhagen for work for over a decade and have always found it intellectually stimulating. After spending most of my career at various universities in Australia, I relished the opportunity to come here permanently after being offered a professorship in the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy at Copenhagen Business School.

What is your relations to Goods?

These days, sometimes I wear Goods from top to toe. Goods is a place with great sense of style, which is very much on trend, but not over the top. I enjoy going there every now and then and getting advice from Kasper. I really like personalized service and this is what I find at Goods.

What or who inspires the way you dress?

I’m not immensely fashion conscious, but I like to observe what people are wearing. I used to be inspired by Italian dressing, such as you might see in sixties Italian movies, then got into the designs of an Australian named Ian Nessick who does stylish, more summery dressing, that anticipated the looks of Boardwalk Empire. But of course that wouldn’t work here! I find I am looking more Danish these days, with the help of Goods of course.
What dos it mean to you to be well dressed both in your work life and on your own time?

I give a lot of presentations at work, both in Copenhagen and in many different places. In the last year I have spoken in New York, London, Paris, Sweden, Norway, Italy and Romania. I also give lectures to people who work at high levels in public and private organizations and chair PhD defenses and do other public activities. So I need clothes that are practical and neat, and travel well, but look stylish enough to go out in the evening, to dinner and other events.

I also travel for fun. My favorite city is Rome. There I don’t want to look like a tourist and funnily enough I often get mistaken for a local when people ask me for directions.

Do you get any comments on the way you dress? And what are they?

Sometimes people asked me where I get what I am wearing. The other day the manager of a wine bar asked me where I got my shoes, which were a pair of brown Capital Goods Sanders. While I am well partnered in life with Jeni, it is nice to get the nod of approval for your style particularly from women.

What is of importance when you buy clothing?

It’s very simple. I want to look good and I want to feel good. I find that if you enjoy wearing something, you’ll look your best in it.
What’s your favorite places in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen has many great places and the best thing is often getting there, especially if you can use the green bicycle lines. I bought my bicycle from a great Italian guy, Luca, at Lucacykler in Nørrebro. I enjoy a beer at Mikkeler, a glass of wine and some food at Ved Stranden 10, dinner at Fiskebaren, Geist or Amass, and a cocktail at Mikropolis. My favorite cafes are Democratic, in the Copenhagen Commune Library, with the best croissants in the city, Cafe Lillebror which just opened in my street, and Atelier September in Gothersgade, where you can join the fashionistas for a noisette. For the best pizza in town with home-made mozzarella, I go to Bæst.

I love of course Louisana, and the many parks in Copenhagen. My favorite is beautiful little Ørstedparken with its lake I look out onto from my apartment. Sitting next to the lake with a glass of wine or even a Negroni on a summer evening is very chilled out. I like bicycling on Amager, or swimming at Svanemøllen. I go to the Danish Film Institute and the Grand Teatret if I am in need of a good movie in a good atmosphere.
Photo by Jesper Hede
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