Q&A with Peter Simonsson

Menswear designer Peter Simonsson is the man behind the brand The White Briefs. Based in the southern part of Sweden, he founded the conceptual underwear brand in December 2009 and has since stayed true and honest to his original idea and inspiration: creating compelling garments for everyday use. The White Briefs label has, since its inception, grown to a global brand and has enjoyed prestigious collaborations with both Nick Wooster and Fantastic Man.

What is your most important task in life and in your work?
Get down to and identify the things you love and do them with all you’ve got in you.

What is your most important source of inspiration in your work and or life?
French complexity, English manners and general preciseness. Francis Bacon is one of my favorite artists, his incredible feeling for mood and feel still evokes fascination and great feelings in me. Arthur Russell, Steve Reich and Max Richter are daily in the room, obviously not so close as my family, who give me a lot of inspiration - all the time.

What is your favorite occupation at the moment?
I am currently developing a collection for the new season ahead as well a new extensive collaborative collection, A collaboration that will take the brand to a higher-end segment. The process for the moment is very up in the air, which thrills me.

What is your relation to Goods and Kasper owner of Goods?
The passion and attentiveness Kasper has in his profession matters in retailing today and makes curating a shop relevant in its feel and the overall lifestyle it portrays – one which I as a curious consumer become engaged. We have been working together for a while now, and our personal relation is growing in tune with our business relation.

What makes your partnership with Goods relevant for you and your business?
l think we share the same mindset of understanding the importance of quality, aesthetics and service.

What’s your favorite place in Copenhagen?
l very much like Kongens Have, the stroll from the City through the beautiful garden is very pleasant. The area around Dansk Arkitektur Center with all the canals are great and having a nice dinner at restaurant No.2 is not too bad either.

Do you want to add anything?
I would like to ask Kasper to be included in our new document, ”The personage” by The White Briefs coming out next year. l hope he says yes!

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