A Good Morning Talk

It’s time for something new... a series of occasional in-store talks from people with intriguing and original perspectives on life, culture, and business. Why’s this a new idea, you’re probably wondering? The talks will take place bright and early in the morning. 

There’s something special about morning get-togethers - you’re fresher and more open to new ideas. And we’re curious to see how the atmosphere in the store is going to be with coffee and conversation flowing. 

Our first speaker is the collector and art dealer, Peter Titelbech. Peter, who supplies many of the pieces on display in the store, will be talking about his approach to collecting, and why he’s so drawn to the 20th century. There’ll be time for a quick Q&A and you can look forward to easing into your day with coffee from our friends at Dallas and baked goods from Juno.

The talk is scheduled from 9am-10am on November 24. With space limited, we have to cap the attendance at 30 guests. Please drop us a message below if you’d like to attend.