Le Saint Jacques & Letz Shop

Daniel Letz hails from Alsace, France. He originally came to Denmark at the age of 22 to work as the head chef at the renowned basement restaurant Kong Hans in 1980. Under his guidance, the place was given the first Michelin star ever awarded to a Danish restaurant. Then, in 1995, he left the restaurant to open his own place right here in the Østerbro neighborhood of Copenhagen where Goods is also based; at nearby Sankt Jakobs Plads. It’s called Le Saint Jacques, and is a brasserie that serves simple, good food, specializing in smoked salmon and seasonal vegetables.

A few years after opening the restaurant, when the old garage that faces the restaurant was for sale, Daniel decided to open a delicatessen store. One that offers French products: simply calling it Letz Shop.

It’s a big space where you’ll find French wine, cheese, sardines, Alsatian sauer kraut, pasta and the signature smoked salmon for which he has become famous for in Denmark. Kasper is a big fan of the olive oil that they produce themselves and of course the salmon which is also favored by the Queen of Denmark herself.

If not for the food the store is worth a visit just so see the beautiful posters made uniquely for the location, which were designed by Peter Kjær Andersen; who incidentally is one half of our favorite Danish knitwear specialists Andersen-Andersen.

Find both the store and the restaurant at:

Skt Jakobs Plads, 2100, Copenhagen.
Head over here for table reservations: http://www.lesaintjacques.dk
And see all of Peter’s posters here: http://pkaposters.com


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