Gourmandiet is one of the absolute best and most unique butchers you will ever come across in this life.

Located on Rosenvængets Allé, a narrow cosy street, which could just as easily fit into Paris’ Marais neighbourhood, Gourmandiet serves high quality meats, sausages, pates and other butchers goods, to meet the desires of every and any quality obsessed consumer.

The counters are filled with every piece of fantastic meat you will ever find, and above is a painted frieze depicting animals being driven to market. These friezes date back to around 1900, pointing to the fact that this exact space has been used by butchers for generations.

But that is not all – when the rest of this great city’s butchers are closing up shop for the day, Gourmandiet is getting ready to greet hungry guests at their restaurant which is beautifully integrated within the butchers shop, making Gourmandiet feel more unique in respect to all other restaurants and butchers for that matter.

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