Introducing Ten C

We are proud to have Italian outerwear specialists Ten C as an addition to our curated selection of quality goods. Even though we’ve been working in menswear for as long as we can remember, we’ve never seen anything like this. These garments are amazing!

The outer fabric is designed and produced in Japan and is vital to the performance of the jackets themselves. Knitted from a polyester micro fiber, it’s not only breathable but also naturally waterproof, needing no additional treatments or coatings. When wet, the fabric absorbs water - becoming softer to the touch - and the fibers contained within swells up, preventing moisture from traveling through the garment, to the layers and the person beneath.

While the exterior may look wet, it is only a visual illusion, as the water is unable to penetrate through the tightly bunched, densely knitted fibers. The inner removable layers are padded with down and the jackets are produced and finished in Italy. These jackets are wonderful both to look at, to touch and to wear and we guarantee you that they’ll last you well through the harsh Danish winter and beyond.

Try one on and we promise you - that you will not be disappointed. You never know, you might get as psyched as us!

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