Autumn Part II

One of our finest tasks besides sourcing the best menswear products in every category from around the globe, is to show our treasured customers how to use them. This in ways which may not be the most obvious. We do this first and foremost to show the versatility of the products we carry, as ours are garments, footwear products and accessories which can be put into many different contexts. It’s also a fun way for us to help inspire new ways for you to give your wardrobe that little extra something and or personal touch.
And so, off we went to Tegners museum in the northern part of Sealand to shoot our latest products. We felt that it did our newest garments proud to have them displayed amongst the over dimensional statues and theatrical sculptures inspired by greek mythology, which Tegners does so well. We also chose Tegners to accentuate how proportions can give a new view on things. And we very much hope you like what we did!
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