Autumn Part II

Autumn is just our favorite season; we just can't help it! There are so many great things that contribute to us feeling this way; the light from a low hanging sun, combined with nature's warm and earthy tones sets, this and so many other things create a perfect match for our newest selection of impeccable menswear and accessories. Like every season, we try to offer you different textures in terms of fabrics and yarns, which should give you the tactile language of Goods and hopefully also add something amazing to your wardrobe. From Italian made Donagal knits to soft washed cotton poplin shirts, rich suedes, pressure boilded Japanese microfiber Jerseys, authentically used denim to lambswool washed in scotch spring water - we got it! Come and have a feel for yourself and chat about why we carry the products we do or ask us online via
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