Q&A with Chris Olberding

Chris Olberding is the man behind Gitman Vintage, which is a division of Gitman Bros, an American clothing house with over 80 years of history in manufacturing fabrics and shirts. He first started working with Gitman when they were producing shirts for other labels such as Burberry and Thom Browne. It was during this process that he discovered the old line books and started going through the archives. A process which led to the rebirth, development and design ethos of Gitman Vintage. Check out below what this well spoken and modern urban man has to say.

What is your most important task in life and in your work?  
To keep things balanced, e.g. work/play, friends/family, and to be on time.

What is your most important source of inspiration in your work and or your life?  
It varies, but travel brings me the most inspiration – not just where you are, or are headed, but the process of discovery that comes with traveling, both before, during and after one’s trip.

What is your favorite occupation at the moment?  
I would say creating, but selling what you created is my favorite occupation.

What is your relation to Goods and or Kasper owner of Goods?  
Some people claim we’re cousins, but in fact we’ve gotten to know each over the years through trade fairs in Florence and Paris.

What makes your partnership with Goods relevant for you and your business?  

Goods is in a great neighborhood in Copenhagen, a little removed from the center, which is nice, and their selection of GV both reflects an interest in our heritage, as well as other styles that show how we tweak the classics.

What’s your favorite place in Copenhagen?  
I don’t have a favorite spot necessarily -- although I love AC Perch for tea, Louisiana for art (not CPH, I know), and the Danish furniture shops along Bredgade -- but I always make it a point to rent a bike and explore.  So my favorite place is moving through all the places I just mentioned.

Would you like to recommend something? (could be anything)  
Whatever you do, do it well.

Do you want to add anything?  
Yes, our thanks for stocking us!
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