Perfumer H Event

Perfumer H creates some of the most distinctive and exquisite scents in the world – and adding a new fragrance from their range to our selection is a special occasion. We’re excited to once again be hosting a launch event in store. 

The latest fragrance is called Smoke, and a member of the Perfumer H team will be with us between 4pm and 8pm on September 28 to tell the story of how it came to be. Visits from the company’s perfumers are always fascinating so please consider dropping by to try the scent and to learn a little about the craft of being a ‘nose’. You might even pick up a recommendation for your own personal fragrance.

We’ll be serving hot and cold drinks, including the company’s own Smoke tea. There is absolutely no obligation to buy though each purchase of the new scent will come with a special gift.


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