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Common Projects Sizing

Common Projects Sizing

Common Projects Sizing

Common Projects has been a part of our curated selection of quality Goods for more than five years now. We love their products and so - evidently - do you our treasured customers as well. Many of you keep coming back for a new pair and we’re more than happy to supply them to you. The carefully crafted sneakers and shoes are made in Italy from the finest leather and the clean care-backed design and finish appeals to almost everyone who's into stylish footwear. The ambition of the Common Projects brand is to do something classic and timeless, and this approach rhymes pretty well with what we’re aiming for here at Goods.

So for those of you who are interested in getting a pair and haven’t tried them on before, we’ve got a few pieces of advice. First off, Common Projects are big in their sizes. In the Achilles and B ball model, you need to go a size down compared to what you’d normally wear in your choice of sneakers.

How to take care for your Common Projects:

Rule number one to make your sneakers last is to keep them clean. Brushing or wiping off dirt before it’s able to settle into the material is the way to go. A wet cloth can almost always do the trick with leather. For suede we recommend buying a suede brush from your local shoemaker. When it comes to cleaning rubber soles we find the most efficient solution is dish soap and a sponge. The laces can be taken out and washed in the machine which can definitely help give your shoes a cleaner look.

When it comes to different kinds of care products we advise to proceed with caution. Don’t purchase a pair of high quality sneakers just to spray them with unknown chemicals. If you wish to use such products, make sure that whoever sells them to you can guarantee that they’ll have the desired effect on the specific shoes you want to use them on. And last but not least here’s a bit of information that your mum might have shared with you before: Think of what the weather is like before you choose what to wear. Is it raining cats and dogs and are the streets filled with rivers of mud? Maybe leave the white suede shoes at home, just on that day.