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Kasper was interviewed by by Lorenzo Molina for Sportswear International magazine (a fashion business industry magazine), here's what was said.
As its name explicitly points out, the Goods store in Copenhagen puts the focus on products rather than on labels. With long experience in the retail business, 34-year-old Kasper Hostrup founded Goods around 7 years ago in a small offbeat location in the Østerbro neighborhood of Copenhagen. “I started out through a need to do everything myself. No bosses and no corporate boundaries,” explains Hostrup. Running both a physical- and an online store, Hostrup started to work on an own clothing range called Capital Goods about 3 seasons ago together with two partners -Hannes Wellander and Jakob Pedersen-. The men’s shop also sells products of brands like Levi’s Vintage Clothing, Our Legacy, Norse Projects, Adidas and Stone Island, among others. Continue reading to know what labels do well in northern Europe and how a fashion business could work ignoring seasonal trends.

What brands are the bestsellers in your store? 
Besides Capital Goods which is obviously selling really well (for which we feel very thankful and humbled for) - the bestselling brands we commercialize are the ones which specialize in making one category to perfection: whether it be knitwear, shirts, suiting etc. So I'd probably say: trousers from Incotex, sneakers from Common Projects, and shirts from Gitman Vintage are some of our current bestsellers.

How do you stay informed about current and future trends?
Goods is not a trend-driven store, we are a product-driven space, with impeccable quality and sense of design being our gold standard and aim to strive for. Our selection of brands and items are found through extensive online research, as well as our vast international network in the business and of course lots of travelling which is an essential feat in keeping clothing clever, savvy and staying smart.

Which features do you think are key for good store service these days?
Treat your clientele as you would a guest in your own home, be kind, smile and know all aspects of your product...strive to perfect every aspect of service and experience without over doing it. Which sometimes means backing off and leaving people alone.

What are the most important menswear trends right now?
There seems to be a focus on great products being valued for what they are rather than what the neck label says. That means a surge in smaller and more specialized brands with narrow areas of expertise. This extra ordinary expertise and experience seems to be appreciated by the consumers and customers at the moment and is something we fully support. Let’s hope this development is not a trend but a mainstay of men's fashion.

Have you added any new labels to your assortment recently?
Yes. New for AW2015 is Japanese GoreTex specialist Nanamica, Slowear group’s knit brand Zanone, Traditional Weather Wear (by Mackintosh) and proper hardwearing winter boots from Diemme.

What do you like about your city, Copenhagen?
There's easy access to most parts of the city by bike within 15-20 min, great restaurants, the harbor, the vast and well-functioning international airport and it’s a safe city to be in both night and day.

How important is the interior, the atmosphere and the whole package of shopping at Goods?
Key! We know that our customers appreciate every aspect of our shopping experience. And thus apply ourselves at constantly fine tuning everything as much as possible.

Where do you order your products? Do you visit any trade shows?
The only tradeshow that I do year in and year out is Pitti Uomo. I prefer showroom buying where you get to know the product, the brand and the people behind, which suits us better and essentially means that you are gaining a business partner. The better the business partner is, the better the business for both parts will be.

What piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start their own fashion store?
Be patient, bring something new to the retail scene and tend to select a group of potential customers.